Des Moines River PB Church

Who We Are

The Des Moines River Primitive Baptist Church is a group of organized believers who meet regularly to worship God in a public assembly in accordance with the doctrines and practices set forth in the New Testament.  Our worship services are very simple, and consist of congregational singing of hymns, the offering of prayers, and the preaching of the gospel by ministers called by God to teach the Word.  

Please click here for a full list of our articles of faith.

Our Primitive Baptist ancestors have been called by various names over the ages.  The name “Primitive Baptist” became popular in the early 1800’s when the term “primitive” primarily conveyed the idea of being original or authentic.  Prior to the use of the term primitive, our Baptist forebearers sometimes used terms such as “Particular” and “Regular” to identify themselves.  We claim to maintain the doctrines and practices of groups that existed in various places and various times since the first century AD.   We like the term Primitive Baptist as it conveys simplicity and emphasizes our form of early Christian worship.  Please click here for an extended list of FAQs about Primitive Baptists.