Des Moines River PB Church

Articles of Faith
  1. That all scripture is given by inspiration of God and the only rule of faith and practice.
  2. There is but one living and true God: that the three that bear record in heaven, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, are but one.
  3. That all men by nature are entirely depraved, dead in trespasses and in sin.
  4. That all that will be finally called, justified, and glorified, were unconditionally chosen in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world, predestinated unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself.
  5. That in the fullness of time, Jesus Christ, their mediator, took upon himself a body, in which he bare all the sins of his chosen people for whom he suffered and died, by which he put away their sins to be remembered no more, and obtained eternal redemption for them.
  6. That the atonement of Christ was designed only for the elect of God, who shall exclusively enjoy the benefit of it.
  7. That the resurrection of Christ from the dead has secured the resurrection of all for whom he died; having destroyed death; he brought life and immortality to light through the gospel..
  8. That faith, repentance, and regeneration are the work and fruit of the Holy Spirit, and without such influence of the Spirit, none would ever repent and believe.
  9. That Baptism and the Lord's Supper are ordinances of Christ, and to be continued in the Church to the end of time; that those only should partake of the Supper as have been immersed according to gospel order.
  10. That it is our duty to honor and assist those that labor among us in word and doctrine and to relieve brethren in distress, to use hospitality, and to watch over each other for good, and promote good works, and reprove sin in all its various forms.
  11. That all those that are redeemed by the Son, and regenerated by the Spirit, shall certainly preserve unto the end, and none of them shall fail of eternal life.
  12. That there will be a resurrection of the bodies of the just and the unjust, and Christ shall pass the final sentence and the wicked shall go away into everlasting punishment, and the righteous into life eternal.
  13. That while we most cordially believe in the spread of the gospel, and the support of the same according to the original plan laid down in the scriptures, we unqualifiedly declare an unfellowship with the modern mission institutions that are but the inventions of men and at war with the scriptures of truth, together with all inventions of men in matters of religion, regarding them as an abomination before God and fraught with evil to his Church.

Why We Call Ourselves "Primitive" Baptists
Primitive Baptist ancestors have been called by various names over the ages. The name Primitive Baptist became popular in the early 1800s when the term primitive conveyed the idea of originality rather than backwardness. Accordingly, Primitive Baptists claim to maintain the doctrines and practices of the original Baptists, who are claimed to be the New Testament church. Primitive also conveys the idea of simplicity. This well describes the Primitive Baptists, whose church services consist of nothing more than preaching, praying, and singing.
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